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Unrealistic Expectations of Shapewear

Today we thought we would blog about a much needed subject matter with you ladies. It’s the question of what shapewear can actually do for your silhouette and what it actually cannot!

First let us start by stating right off that we believe in shapewear, we believe passionately that shapewear will give you the best possible foundation for your outfit and that your confidence can only grow accordingly.

BUT ladies and it is a very big BUT, to work properly and do its job effectively you must buy it in your own size! With the best will in the world if you are a size 14 and you want to get into a size 10 dress, shapewear is not going to be able to achieve that. Some maximum strength brands like Miraclesuit can make you look like you have dropped one dress size but any more than that is unrealistic and trying to squeeze into a smaller size of shapewear will result in a badly fitting outfit and discomfort for the wearer.

The benefits of wearing shapewear are so much more than giving the appearance of being a smaller size anyway ladies. The real benefits are the improved posture, the smooth lines under your clothes and the way that your clothes hang effortlessly off your hips.

It is for this reason that shapewear is an essential part of the wardrobe for all women whatever their size and even if they are at a size they are happy with.

So ladies, when you are choosing your outfits remember you will look much better in a dress the right size with some correctly chosen shapewear smoothing and slimming your curves than you ever will bulging out of an outfit too small squeezed into some badly fitting shapewear.

 Enough said!

Shapewear fitting well