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Secret Weapons Hit the shops


Have you ever got dressed for a night out and thought your outfit just doesn’t look right? You can’t quite put your finger on it but maybe it’s your cleavage, or lack of it? Maybe it’s that bulgy bit where your knickers are digging in or maybe it’s the way you have to stand because your shoes are hurting you so much!

 Secret Weapons is a collection of intimate accessories that will ensure you get noticed for the right reasons while remaining incognito themselves! So, no more worrying about ‘high beams’, ‘VPL’ or ‘sag’ and you can begin to enjoy your social life! 

 Some of the great new products in the 2016 catalogue include Nudi Boobies - a backless and strapless silicone bra that provides show stopping ‘lift’ in any outfit. Increase your breast size by up to one cup size and feel confident. NudiG is a fabulous soft G-string and is the kind you wear when you would really rather go without! The knickers are designed to sit flush to your body and create the perfect silhouette.

 Stiletto Stoppers are an amazing little hack to protect your heels when you are attending the races dahling! Ladies Day has never been so easy and you won’t find yourself sinking into the grass when wearing these. And while we are talking about our tootsies it is always a great idea to have some fold up flats in your bag! That walk back to the train station can seem like torture when you’ve been in your heels all night!!

Last but not least are the fabulous Stiletto Skins pictured which transform a boring plain sole into an eye catching party stopper! Give us a call at the Patricia Eve office if you would like to stock Secret Weapons in your store and we will put you in touch with your nearest agent to discuss further.