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Preparations for Moda

Happy Friday everyone.

Let’s hope this means a busy Saturday for you all, and a good chill out on Sunday.

This week; we in the office have been trying to think about getting organised and prepared for Moda.

Moda is a national trade show that we attend twice a year. For the February show, we will be looking to promote the AW17 collections of nightwear, along with all of our continuity shapewear and underwear. It’s lovely to see all of the wintery and cosy colours that start emerging at this show. It’s a perfect time to meet our lovely customers, and put faces to names. We deal with a lot of people over the phone, on email and through our agents- so having the chance to catch up with them all is one of the favourite parts of my job. We hope to see you all at the show.

My jobs for the show this week were; trying to work out how we’re going to be displaying our Secret Weapons range. In past shows we have used a candy cart, which has always been well liked, especially given that it is loaded with jars of sweets. However, it takes up so much valuable space at the show, so we had to re-think! Hopefully the new display will draw more attention to the product. Don’t panic though, there will still be jars of sweets. The sweets have been ordered, and are currently still sealed in the boxes (very good of me, I know). Otherwise, there wouldn’t actually be many left for the show, and it keeps Chris happy, as he doesn’t have to buy me a whole new wardrobe beforehand, actually I think we have some products for that ;-)

We have now got the job of going through the numerous boxes of samples that have arrived from our suppliers, finalising the collections, and pricing them up. Then we have to pack them back up ready. This is a cold job………….

I am very excited to see people’s reactions to our newest brand, Promise. I am very much looking forward to unpacking it, and looking through it all. A must see at the show- hopefully!

Mike, our art guy- has been working away for a few weeks on our new brochure and pricelists, so be sure to pick one up! It contains all of our “Never out of stock” ranges, so it’s handy to have at your side.

I have also spent a lot of time, trying to get my head around all of the different aspects of social media. Last week I managed to schedule posts for Facebook for over the weekend- and they all posted, so it was a bit of a success for me. I am slowly getting there, and I’m sure I’ll be a lot more savvy with it all………… in a few years. In fact, I might ask for my 7 year olds input, he is likely to produce better ideas than me.

Have a lovely weekend all, and take care.

Much love,

Katie :-)