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How will the week go?

What a busy few weeks!!!

I hope your time has been spent more effectively than mine recently. I seem to be plodding along, and not really getting anywhere (apart from on my children’s nerves-I seem to excel at this).

In the office, we have been busy receiving more swimwear deliveries, and getting them out to our customers as fast as we can. I am absolutely loving seeing the images of the store fronts, showcasing the fabulous collections of 2017 swim. If you haven’t sent me your store front yet, please do! I love sharing them on our social media platforms.

We have staff holidays this week, so Chris (The Director, and my Husband) and I will be working closer together this week. It will be interesting to see how the week pans out. Will I have reached for wine by Friday? Or will be have reached for it by tonight? Who knows…………but we’ll soon see.

He’s just went to put the kettle on (10.50am), this is a huge step forward, so now to see if he actually makes the tea! Things are looking up.

We have been working a lot on the 2018 swimwear collections lately, as we have trade shows coming up soon. We are very excited to share sneak peeks with you, as the collections for all of our brands have exceeded our expectations. Hopefully you will agree.

I had better get back to work now! Although I will be reaching for the chocolate soon. We had a family BBQ last night, and I sampled my first proper gin and tonic, but maybe a few too many times!!! For those of you who don’t know me, you are more likely to see me with a cup of decaf tea, than anything alcoholic- so today has left me slightly glazed over. What was I thinking? Especially on a School night?

Have a good week all, I will try to write more next week.

Love Katie x

P.S My tea has just arrived, it is massive and looks pretty good- although no biscuits. 8/10 for effort. Gin on a School night???? He didn´t do bad at all!